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David Blaine is a tool.

David Blaine is a tool.

Bratz Dolls rule

I went out for cocktails at the empress this evening. Guess who I saw...
They were filming some sort of Canada's Next Top Model runway show in another room(for those who don't know, CanTop is filming in Victoria right now...), but he was taking a break in the cocktail bar. I just skulked, as I noticed him as I was leaving.

My new favourite person of life:
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She won't win. But j'aime her anyway.

google image search = "monkey love"

Happy Valentine's Day
I love you all a big lot.

Dec. 21st, 2005

Okay, I go away tomorrow to the Big Apple. I'll be back in a week. I love you all a lot.
Be safe. Don't get in cars with drunk drivers or catch a baby from a dirty boy any of you.

Dec. 1st, 2005

Tickets booked for New York yesterday. I'm there from Dec 21st to Dec 28th, so I need to work out my Victoria christmassing around that. I feel the same way I used to feel before I went ice-skating when I was little - simulaneously sugarrush excited and heartstoppingly scared. Yay/arg.

It is officially christmas month today and it is snowing. I love baby jesus and the festival of his birth a whole lot.

Nov. 5th, 2005

Hey everyone, Mad Little Shirley is here for the next two weeks. I KNOW that some of you will want/need to meet her, so if you want to meet the woman that bore the woman that bore lovely me, give me a call!

Oct. 22nd, 2005

I went to the Big City today for some shopping.
I saw my Mol and had fudge and lunch.
I got some reeally beautiful/fugly shoes. or jolie-laide as the Frenches would say. I can't make up my mind on them, but I'm leaning towards love. I feel the same way about halva.
A new jacket, watch and necklace.
I'm getting (another) cold.
What are we doing for my birthday?

I am stupid stupid.

the boy:"what shall I get you for your birthday? a vespa? some clothes?"
me:"no, seriously, all I want is a copy of one of your favourite books"